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Burlesque Assassins

A featured film by Jonathan Joffe, Calgary Canada

Superspy JOHNNY VALENTINE and his BURLESQUE ASSASSINS seduce their way within killing distance of a trio of villainy hell bent on global domination.

The Burlesque Assassins films in Calgary March 31st to April 20th under the direction of Jonathan Joffe.

Set in the 1950s, this outrageous caper of cold war espionage and intrigue is an indie feature film with a difference.  It’s a spectacle of the world’s best burlesque performers cast to portray sexy, deadly superspies who use the power of their feminine allure to bring their enemies and their audiences to their knees.  

See the fatal fan dance of Koko La Douce! See the brutal boa of Bombshell Belle! Witness firsthand the carnage and the cleavage as the enemies of The Burlesque Assassins discover that when it comes to these women, LOOKS CAN KILL!

The film is produced by Joe Media Group and Jonathan Joffe Pictures in association with Telefilm Canada and Super Channel with assistance from the Alberta Media Development Fund.

For more information and to arrange for interviews, please contact:
Claudia Neff, Unit Publicity, Office: 403-455-1671, Cell: 403-651-8785,
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